“And when you’re alone there’s a very good chance
you’ll meet things that scare you right out of your pants
There are some, down the road between hither and yon,
that can scare you so much you won’t want to go on.”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

You are NOT alone. I’m here to walk beside you!

As hard as it is to admit to yourself and others, the road, right now, seems scary.  Do you sometimes wish you could have someone who could walk alongside you?

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Have you ever asked yourself?
  • “Why does every day feel like such a struggle with my kid?”
  • “What is my next step to advocate and help my kid?
  • “How can I stay calm and positive when I feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and worried most of the time?”
  • “How do I make time for my own health and wellbeing when I feel pulled in so many directions, and I have no time or energy for myself?”


Or you’ve needed help to see through the chaos and emotional clutter of every day to take a small step with confidence towards a plan of action that uplifts and supports you and your family?

You are in the right place if at least one of these statements is true for you …
  •  Your child is going through a tough time and you feel stuck. At this particular point it feels challenging for you to find clarity, see the light at the end of the tunnel, connect with resources, and/or implement a plan to support your child, your family – AND yourself.
  •  You stay up at night worrying about at least one (or more) of these concerns regarding your kid: ADHD, focus, learning differences, progress in school, emotional wellbeing, stress levels, anxiety, confidence and self esteem, ability to cope with a sudden crisis, relationships (with peers, family members or parents).
  •  You worry that people will see challenges and labels before they see the light your kid shines in the world. You want your kid to be liked, appreciated, and loved exactly as she is. You want him to find his voice, and express it with full confidence and conviction. You want her to thrive, to find her passions, to believe in her gifts. You want him to grow up knowing that he CAN, before he thinks he CANNOT.
  •  You feel worn-out, frustrated, overwhelmed, hopeless, alone, and afraid.
  •  You feel lost, can’t even see how you can still be YOU, a person with goals, hopes – and YES – dreams! You often wonder where your own life is heading.
  •  You sometimes feel alone. You wish there were someone you could share your fears and concerns with. You need to feel like you belong in a village that can help you see perspectives, trust, connect and believe.


I know this to be true …


You are creative and resourceful. Yet sometimes, you feel alone. You feel that no one gets your child the way you do, not even your friends, your own parents, and sometimes, not even your spouse.


You are an amazing parent. No one understands what you are going through the same way you do. You deserve to be heard, appreciated, and loved. Your thoughts, opinions, and choices are valid and you do not need to apologize for them. You want what’s best for your child, for you, and your family at all times.


You feel drained, exhausted, and afraid. You often feel alone, embarrassed, and judged.


You want your days to feel less like a hesitant walk on thin ice or a slow trudge in thick mud, and more like a relaxing walk by the beach or a joyful kite-flying moment at the park.


I hear you!


I am here to hold space for you and your great ideas, applaud your miraculous daily work, support your creative problem solving, teach when you need it, and cheer you on your journey.


I’m Ready!

“The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man’s foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.” ― Thomas Huxley


When working with me, you can expect to …
  • RE-discover and RE-connect with the power of your kids, their challenges as well as their connections, and authenticity in the world
  • Make a plan to cope with your current challenges that will leave you feeling confident, inspired, uplifted, re-energized and … unstoppable.
  • Notice, and point out the sparkle and magic that you create for yourself and those around you
  • Have powerful huddles, because we all need the energy of bringing our hands in the middle to cheer: “Go team”. (Yes, YOU are the team captain!)
  • Feel the power to BE like a black belt, in a new zone of genius: moment-to-moment parenting
  • Be reminded of the power of dreams. Together, we will see one of your dreams on its way to becoming a reality!
  • Keep showing up – even if timidly at first. Your persistence, tenacity, and determination will make you feel proud.

Here’s how working with me works …


Before our first session

→  As soon as I get your confirmation, I will send you a brief questionnaire. Your answers will help me get to know you better, and help me understand how we can hit the ground running, and make the most of our time when we get together. You will need to return it as soon as it is filled but no later than two days before our first session.

→  Get ready to notice and document your journey with me. Our time together will be about in-depth exploration. I will ask you to journal briefly (I know you have very little time). You can use a notebook, a phone app, sticky notes, index cards, or a combination of tools. Whatever works for you is fine with me.

→  I personally use three tools on a regular basis: Evernote app, this Moleskine lined notebook, and an artist’s sketch book.


Our first session (3 hours)

Yes! It’s YOU time.

→  I highly prefer to meet you in person for this session. We will meet at a location that works for both of us*. You will bring your questions and I will bring your questionnaire. We will talk, discovery, dig deep, share, and connect.

→  During this session I will also teach you three key self-care practices that I will ask you to do while we work together. EVERYTHING I do rests on the assumption that movement is essential for our body, mind and spirit. No special gear is needed. Dress comfortably and in warm layers. (If you are doing the first session via Skype, please be sure you are in a room where you can be alone, where you can focus with no interruptions.)

→  In the last ten minutes we will wrap up, make sure you know what you are working on, set our agenda for the next talk, and confirm your next appointment.

→  If you are outside of the Bay Area, have no fear. First sessions can also take place very successfully on Skype.

*For Bay Area residents: in order to meet you at a location that is convenient for you, an added fee may be assessed depending on travel distance and time, TBD after the intake questionnaire.

During the second and third session (45 minutes respectively)

→  Grab your water bottle, find a comfortable and quiet spot (parked car ok), and have your notes and questions ready.

→  We’ll dive in and see how things are going. We’ll see what works well and what needs adjustment. We’ll celebrate your small steps, we’ll dig out and shine a light on your successes.

 →  For the second session we’ll make sure you know what you are working on next, and confirm your third appointment.

 →  For the third session, we will talk about your vision of the future, and ways to stay connected and engaged. I will ask you a powerful question, and send you on your way.

In between sessions, if you need to reach out

→  I’m one email away, Tuesday through Friday from 10 AM – 2 PM PST. If you reach me on an off day, please know that I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m back, and I can’t wait!


After our last session

→  I will send you a short survey. When you send it back, you can expect a little gift from me. I’m so excited about it; I think you’ll love it!


Get Started. Here’s how …
  1. My five monthly appointments book fast. Please fill out this brief application, and let me know why you’d like to work with me.
  1. Once I receive your application, I will send you an email with your next steps. You’ll need to reserve your first, three-hour appointment. I highly prefer this session to be in person. (Skype works as well, but if you live in the Bay Area a live meeting will be awesome.) You will need to register at this time.
  1. After I receive your brief application, first appointment date and payment, I will send you a welcome email with next steps.
  1. YES! You are on your way! I can’t wait to meet you.


I’m Ready!


Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!


Natalia helps people who feel restless or concerned and have lots of information but don’t know what to do with it. She can see and hold a big vision while guiding the work that enables the critical tasks to happen. She is in a position to help people discern where they need to focus first and in which order. She is especially good at seeing children clearly and providing them, their parents, and community of supporters with ways of seeing a change in relationship to themselves and one another. She just sees it! And she seems to know the distinctions between each person’s work – what the kids need to learn to do, what the parents need to learn to do, etc.

~ Angela Booker, Hiruko Wellness Co-Founder, Professor of Communications at UCSD


Given Natalia’s ability to encourage their best effort, children are stimulated to achieve their highest potential under her tutelage, and overcome doubt about their abilities. Adults are stimulated to give their time and dedication to their children’s efforts because they see their children stepping up to their vision and dreams. This kind of inspirational influence on parents and children is an amazing phenomenon, and rare. It happens with the best coaches and teachers and leaders who are able to encourage athletes and students to soar and experience their abilities and their rewarding success. Any organization with a vision and a goal, with children or adults who have projects or paths of adventure would be lucky to have Natalia on board to make that vision achievable.

~ Dr. Randall Neustaedter, OMD, LAc, CCH, Cure-guide.com


Natalia has been an inspiring role model, and a gift and teacher to my daughter. I have seen my daughter’s confidence in herself and her strength grow as well as her focus and determination.

~ Linda Furness, Parent