I speak to and train people who:

  1. LOVE and SERVE children, who have made it their lives’ work – for profit, for service, or personal – to touch, transform, impact and empower youth and their parents and other caring adults.
  2. LOVE and LIVE entrepreneurship – especially social entrepreneurship.
  3. Want to be in action around being the change they want to see in the world.


“Natalia is truly one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever had the true pleasure to listen to. Her faith and her passion are so palpable I could almost touch them. Not only did she convey her soul, but also challenged us to feel into ours. The simple experiences and poses that she guided us through were power-packed and truly grounding. I can’t remember another instance when I’ve been so touched by a speaker’s message.” ~ Luisa Zhou


“I couldn’t have agreed more with what you expressed. You inspired me to bring movement back into my own life. I laughed a bit at myself during your talk. As my son was growing up, I always insisted that he go out and play before settling down to do his homework. He’s grown now, still very active and he did just fine in school. Unfortunately, I let activity lapse for myself. Not anymore. Thank you, Natalia!” ~ Caroline Harrison


“Natalia, you are a powerful speaker. You have a strong presence, and you draw your audience in with your enormous heart and passion. I love how you bring in science and statistics to drive home your point.”  ~ Amy Jacobs Lippmann


Topics I’d be honored to cover for your audience include but are not limited to:

  •  Movement Before Meds – Why moving more may be the secret answer to all your challenges
  • “For God’s sake let them wiggle!” – What kids who wiggle can teach us about learning and why we need to move more
  • Focus: the most desired skill, or is it? Breaking down focus: how to cultivate, build, and use it.
  • Being a mom entrepreneur
  • Innovation: looking for ideas and solutions in unexpected places
  • Mom and Pop business – Working with your spouse
  • From “Gosh I’m Overwhelmed” to Grit and Guts
  • Habits of peak performers
  • Fully inclusive classrooms: what I learn from teaching all types of kids


“You brought tears to my eyes. You asked us to move and then you asked us to be still. I experienced how challenging that was, and I ask it of my children everyday without ever acknowledging it as a challenging for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing that to my awareness.” ~ Kim Greco


“I loved the spectrum that you demonstrated from yang energy (attention) to yin energy (qi gong), and helping us understand that is is all available to us, and that when we use it in an integrated way, we become more well. You are truly a renaissance woman, and that came through in your talk: you geeked out on the science, and blended that with actual motion and artistry all in the context of practical application of ancient wisdom to make the world a better place. You didn’t just have people think about these things, you had them experience it in a very simple and powerful way.” ~ Stacy Parson


 “Natalia is such a powerful speaker with a big heart. She inspired me to bring more movement to my life. I love how she made us participate and not just sit there and listen. This was a real eye opening experience for me.” ~ Nathalie Doremieux


“Don’t let Natalia’s quiet demeanor deceive you: this is one powerful lady. Not only will she prove it to you within 5 minutes of speaking, she’ll give you a taste of that power inside of you at the same time. The message she shares is just as strong, not to mention necessary and overdue. Thank you for bringing your wisdom and guidance to the world.” ~ Cathy Cochrane


How do I book Natalia to speak?

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