I love children. Chances are, you are here because you do too.

Before anything else, I passionately believe that kids need to move.

They need to move a lot more than we are willing to admit or make allowances for. They need to move to develop their growing bodies, and most importantly their growing brains. I believe kids need to move to tap into their creativity, to express their emotions, and to feel their own powerful energy.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, or overwhelmed with your kid’s challenges. Or your kid likes to wiggle, shift, move, and can’t “keep it together” in school or at home (or both) …

Download the Movement Before Meds™ Manifesto and find out how you can incorporate more movement into your daily life, get unstuck, find the words to express yourself and be heard.

And for God’s sake, let them move!

Do we really need another revolution? I think so. Take a look: 


I am here to advocate fearlessly for movement as a solid starting block for all youth (and adults too), and especially those with developmental, social, emotional, or academic challenges and differences.

I’m passionate about building a community that supports parents – and ultimately the kids – through their journey, that is fully inclusive, welcoming, and non-judgmental.

I believe kids are whole, complete, and perfect, exactly as they are. There is nothing missing, lacking or deficient. I don’t believe there is such a thing as a kid who can’t be taught.

iStock_000009120008Large(1)I’ve founded the Movement Before Meds™ Revolution for two reasons:

1) Scheduled DAILY movement is a great place to start; yet, many people miss it (consciously or not). At home, parents are constantly racing with time, and they barely have enough time to cook, eat, supervise homework, and get ready for the next day. At schools, in spite of well meaning, talented, and supportive teachers, there simply is no way to individually support the extremely diverse social, emotional, and academic needs of the students in (increasingly) large classrooms. Parents and teachers alike are looking for quick, easy, and safe ideas and methods to encourage and inspire movement. I am here to be a source of inspiration, ideas, and support. I am here to show you what I know from teaching kids, to support you, and to cheer you on!

2) When my son was going through a tough time at home and in school, I needed to find a tribe of like-minded parents, going through similar experiences as mine, who could lend an ear, give me a hug (real or virtual), share their stories with me, and point me in a new direction. I believe our stories make us strong, connected, and confident. They give us strength and power. This community makes us feel unstoppable. We need each other.

Join our Movement Before Meds™ Revolution!

Download the Movement Before Meds™ Manifesto and make a commitment to move every day. Have no time, live too far from a park, don’t have space, no fancy equipment, or budget for after school activities? No worries. I will share my tips and tricks with you for FREE.

 We are strong, united, and determined to find solutions that work with our children that are empowering and uplifting. I look forward to meeting you inside!