No Matter What.

You want to stop feeling like you are sinking and barely keeping it together.
You want to live your life and its current challenges feeling mindful, powerful, and confident.
You want to take deliberate small steps to go from barely coping with life to thriving in it.
You want to feel indomitable.

As a youth advocate and educator, ten years ago I asked a powerful question: what do our youth need the most?

I talked to conventional and alternative health care providers, educators, coaches and parents.

They all agreed: our kids need coping skills.

I’ve spent a decade teaching coping skills to kids, nurturing their gritty spirit.  

In the process I discovered that parents need coping skills too. They need support and deep connections to get past barely surviving in life to living it powerfully.

Now I spend my days coaching parents how to build their own life roadmaps and take deliberate small steps to go from sinking to thriving.

What people are Saying

“You brought tears to my eyes. You asked us to move and then you asked us to be still. I experienced how challenging that was, and I ask it of my children everyday without ever acknowledging it as a challenging for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing that to my awareness.”

Kim Greco

Paws and Possibilities

“Natalia is truly one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever had the true pleasure to listen to. Her faith and her passion are so palpable I could almost touch them. Not only did she convey her soul, but also challenged us to feel into ours. The simple experiences and poses that she guided us through were power-packed and truly grounding. I can’t remember another instance when I’ve been so touched by a speaker’s message.”

Luisa Zhou

Affiliate Press Writer

From the Desk of Natalia Gabrea

Small Steps. Big Life.

You can nurture your indomitable spirit, and live a life that feels intentional, mindful, supported, and rich in moments of relief and wonder. I believe you can absolutely thrive, no matter what, and I will totally help! 

Ready to nurture your indomitable spirit?